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ESD and Sejahtera

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Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

ESD entails much more than simply transmitting knowledge about sustainability issues or integrating sustainability content in the curriculum (eg., issues of climate change, social justice or corporate social responsibility). ESD involves a new vision of education and learning that calls for a reorientation of educational frames and systems. It engages people, organisations and communities to rethink the purpose education and search for alternative meanings and agendas for the future. ESD has a focus on challenging dominant models of thinking and practice, developing leadership capabilities and building critical and systems thinking skills, so that people can question current practices and create new solutions.


Sejahtera is a Malaysian indigenous word that is usually translated into “wellbeing”, but it actually cuts across spiritual, social, physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and environmental dimensions. The Sejahtera concept has been developed and practiced by the University Sains Malaysia and RCE Penang since 2000. It is the conceptual framework used to embed sustainability at the University and engage its community in learning for sustainability. 


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