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7 DECEMBER 2019- RCE Sejahtera Youth with the collaboration of Seberang​ Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) organised an “ECOWORKSHOP” programme. This programme was held at several places which are Taman Puteri Gunung , Organic Farm Juru Autocity , Taman Desa Damai Bukit Mertajam and Taman Pandan Butterworth. This programme aims to educate and raise the awareness of the participant on concrete steps they could take to incorporate sustainability into their lives and promote greener lifestyle as well as having fun.

Taman Puteri Gunung

Taman Puteri Gunung has been the first place that we went for this workshop. Here is where we learnt on how to reuse and recycle those unwanted materials especially plastics. A group of community in Taman Puteri Gunung did work together on this project in order to encourage people to have a greener lifestyle. They did recycle back those unwanted materials into a new one such as bag,pencil case , toys and many more. After all, they will sell all those things and some of the profits were given to whom are needed. We took this opportunity to learn on how they modified those plastics to a new valuable thing. It was an interesting moment for us as we can learn new things while having a good interactions with the community.

Organic Farm, Juru Autocity

Food Wastes can be very valuable for those who really know about it. In this organic farm, we have learnt on how did they take those food waste and transformed them into organic fertilizers. Not just that, we also could see the results from those organic fertilizers. Surprisingly, the results were very interesting and amazing ! They did also tell us on how they plant their plants in the farm. We could also take some of the fruits which taste very nice. Overall , from this organic farm , we had learnt to not just throw away the food waste but modified them into organic fertilizers which give us a lot of benefits.

Taman Desa Damai,Bukit Mertajam

Different from the organic farm, the way they transformed the food waste into organic fertilizers were more traditional. No machine being used at all. What did they do were just using the containers or bottles. These steps could take much time rather than by using the machine. However this helps in conserving energy used. Moreover , these steps are more easy to be practiced by the people who are really into this . We also had the opportunity to look on how they organized their planting.

Taman Pandan, Butterworth

Taman Pandan is where the community did the organic fertilizers together. Anyone in the community who want to participate just need to take down their food waste from their home and bring them to the collection store. They were also provided with the shredder machine. The shredder machine can be used to shred the bone or any fruit peel such as durian and mangosteen into small pieces to fasten the composting process. The way they did were more practical to be followed by many people as it is was super easy. However ,all of this needs commitment and hard work !

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